Extras Flow Diagram

Useful chart for understanding extras

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Here are a few lateral thinking puzzles that students really like. Have fun!

5 Minute Email Rule 👍

Since remote learning I have realised through the chat function of MS Teams that we can be very effective in communicating with one another quickly and efficiently. For example, a simple thumbs up 👍 can say a lot without typing. An acknowledgement of the receipt of an email can also be done quickly and efficiently using Outlook Quick Steps.


Another interesting thing I read recently is the 5 Minute Email Rule. They also touch on the benefits of well written “canned responses”.


Email can easily get out of hand in a school community. It is not deliberate, and is more about email etiquette and procedures … and possibly too many cooks in the kitchen! In my opinion we all have the responsibility when sending emails to be as efficient as possible and not to waste our colleagues precious time trawling through mountains of emails.

A Teacher’s Prayer

Here is a little something I have near my desk to remind me of the “Big Picture” of our vocation as educators. Remote Learning 2.0 is coming to an end and it is time for us to re-focus on the tasks ahead in Term 4 … and enjoy reconnecting in person with our students and colleagues.

Enable me to teach WISDOM,
for I help to shape the mind.

Equip me to teach with TRUTH,
for I help to shape the conscience.

Encourage me to teach with VISION,
for I help to shape the future.

Empower me to teach with LOVE,
for I help to shape the world.

ABC Education News

This RSS feed often has some interesting articles.

Like a lonely sea bird …

Like a lonely sea bird you’ve been away from land too long… oh too long.

(like a lonely teacher, you’ve been away from school too long)

A little something to brighten your day from the Alessi Brothers for those old enough to remember them 🙂

And here is my student Remote Learning adaption of the song …


There’s a remote learning session I know I must attend.

Even though the NBN is often slow.

Just a lonely school kid, I’ve been away from school too long, oh too long.

I don’t listen to the news no more.

The COVID-19 count is just too much to bear.

Social distancing is not big enough to keep me away from school, oh from school.

School kid, school kid, come back.

School kid, school kid, come back.

Like a lonely school kid, you’ve been away from school too long, oh too long.

Suddenly the call comes.

On MS Teams I see.

Like a chat message reminder, I’ll find work on a OneNote page.

Sunset study, is hard to face.

Too much computer, I just have to run.

Like a lonely school kid, I’ve been away from school too long, oh no too long.

Lonely school kid

School kid, school kid come back

School kid, school kid come back

School kid, school kid come back



Each of us have the ability to make a change, to make the future better. Here is a great story I show my Year 9 geography students every year on the topic of land degradation and sustainability in their “Biomes and Food Security” Unit. It runs for half an hour. Enjoy.

Hope – Story of Elzéard Bouffier

1/2 Hours Matter

Trying to keep our students on task during remote learning can be a challenge. Even as adults, making the most of our time we have available can be challenging, especially when tiredness, work and life in general can sometimes feel overwhelming.

However, we owe it to those who have not been as lucky as us with the time we have been granted. We owe it to our students to remind them that though life was not meat to be easy, it was meant to be enjoyed.

Emphasising the beauty of life through our teaching, regardless of subject, can give a real ray of hope to others. As teachers, our students are relying on us at this time to demonstrate what good living is, despite the restrictions to our everyday lives in the current pandemic.

“Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” (Quote from Stephen King, Shawshank Redemption)

We at MyExtras hope that Remote Learning version 2.0 will work well for you and that you can make the most of those half hour lessons.

Half hours matter -photo taken at Werrimull Cemetery in the Victorian Mallee west of Mildura.