Inspiring Teacher

Last year Google made a “Google Doodle” on a fellow called MICHAEL L. DERTOUZOS.
He was professor of electrical engineering and computer science and longtime director of the Laboratory for Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Moreover though he was an excellent teacher and communicator.

I found this particular paragraph from the above biography on Michael very inspiring.

Michael was a quintessential teacher, and he taught in the most effective and endearing ways, through inspiration, by example, and always with passion. In his final interview, printed in the Chronicle of Higher Education a few days before his death, Michael spoke about the qualities that he valued most in teachers—qualities that were a fundamental part of his own approach to his interactions with the MIT community. In explaining his skepticism of computer-based distance education, Michael said, “Don’t forget the impact that love has on education. If you are loved by your teacher—and I mean this in the most innocent and platonic sense—if your teacher really cares for your well-being—and you know that, because your teacher will ask about you, will scold you for not doing the right thing, and will give you stories about why you should do this or do that—the learning can be unbelievably different.”


Extra … Extras


Occasionally it may be important to revisit with teaching staff the definition of an extra. Over time some teachers can become confused. Combining a small class (say 5-6 students) with another small class already running is NOT an extra. The term “Extra” is in reference to time only, not the “extra” number of students you have.

Confusion can also occur when the term “extra” is used generically to include replacement classes. Replacement classes are totally different and do not count to a teachers quota of extras over the year. That’s why it is important to show the “count” column in your daily bulletin. A count greater than zero constitutes an extra. A count equal to zero constitutes an replacement.

So in summary, an extra is “any class taken by a teacher which is in excess of the school determined maximum number of periods to be taught in a cycle”.