Version 10 – The Timetabler

You may have heard that Version 10 of The Timetabler will probably become available in early 2020, if not earlier.

This is an online version of the software by Timetabling Solutions that will improve many of the current usability issues with the product – particularly with The Daily Org module, when you have people covering the job using different computers.

We believe from discussion with Timetabling Solutions that MyExtras will be fully compatible with this version, however it has not become available yet for testing by us, and we currently discourage our schools being an “early adopter” should the software become available.

As with all new software, particularly with such a major change in how the software runs, we strongly recommend waiting until further testing and debugging by live running schools and by us here at MyExtras.

Enjoy the remainder of Term 3. It is almost over!