Timetable Import

We have now built in a reminder to help admins import the correct timetable file into MyExtras – TTable.txt

Yr.12 Farewell 🍀

MyExtras would like to take this opportunity to wish all our schools the very best for their upcoming Yr.12 examinations.

VCE Examination Timetable


The Common Good in the Digital Age

Pope Francis recently addressed a Vatican conference on the use of technology for the “Common Good”. He stated that technological advancement should be in the service of human development, and of the whole person, and for all people.

In our opinion schools have been great leaders in creating such an environment for well over 20 years now. It has been a steep learning curve for many, but teachers generally should be proud of how they have made their classroom environments more interactive and engaging for their students.

Often technological advances, touted to be time savers are actually time wasters. This poses some interesting questions. If they are time savers, how are we using the time we save? If they are time wasters, how can we improve the situation to make the lives for both ourselves and others more enriching and full?