Yr.12 Farewell 🍀

MyExtras would like to take this opportunity to wish all our schools the very best for their upcoming Yr.12 examinations.

VCE Examination Timetable


The Common Good in the Digital Age

Pope Francis recently addressed a Vatican conference on the use of technology for the “Common Good”. He stated that technological advancement should be in the service of human development, and of the whole person, and for all people.

In our opinion schools have been great leaders in creating such an environment for well over 20 years now. It has been a steep learning curve for many, but teachers generally should be proud of how they have made their classroom environments more interactive and engaging for their students.

Often technological advances, touted to be time savers are actually time wasters. This poses some interesting questions. If they are time savers, how are we using the time we save? If they are time wasters, how can we improve the situation to make the lives for both ourselves and others more enriching and full?


View / edit recent extra

We modified the “View / edit recent extra” function to make it more intuitive for teachers generating or editing extras .

This allows teachers to easily go back and forward in time to check past and future extras for the same class.

These links now appears on the actual extra notice under the homework section (previously they were along the top menu).

Version 10 – The Timetabler

Timetabling Solutions has indicated that they are aiming to release Version 10 of The Timetabler in March 2020.

This is an online version of the software by Timetabling Solutions that will improve many of the current usability issues with the product – particularly with The Daily Org module, when you have people covering the job using different computers.

We believe from discussion with Timetabling Solutions that MyExtras will be fully compatible with this version, however it has not become available yet for testing by us, and we currently discourage our schools being an “early adopter” when the software is initially released.

As with all new software, particularly with such a major change in how the software runs, we strongly recommend waiting until further testing and debugging by live running schools and by us here at MyExtras.

Enjoy the remainder of Term 3. It is almost over!

Perpetual Beta 改善

Since 2012 when we first launched MyExtras, we have considered our product to be in perpetual Beta.

Our mission critical feature was to read timetables and produce extra notices electronically. Our original extra notice templates still resemble a very similar layout to what they were seven years ago.

Since then we have added many new features, e-feedback, extras bulletin, statistical overview and more. So while we continue to strive to make improvements in both the usability and function of MyExtras, we remember that software development is a lot like ourselves. Paul Sloane from destination-innovation.com refers to it like this.

“In a sense we are all in perpetual beta. The most dangerous people are the ones who think they know it all and who stop learning. We are not yet the finished article and never will be. So we should open ourselves to learning, to input and to feedback.” 1

In Japanese, the word for continuous improvement is “Kaizen” 改善. 2 Whether software developers, educators or students, Kaizen is something worthwhile for us all to strive towards.


  1. https://www.destination-innovation.com/try-perpetual-beta-for-continuous-innovation/
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaizen

New backup Locations

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Over the past month we have been developing our backup locations which now store hourly snapshots of all extras generated. These backups are located in two geographically separate regions.

Specially coded links to these backups are sent out with the daily admin emails at 12.30am. There is also a link to one of these backups with the bulletin notification.

PDF backup link on bulletin notifications.

If you have previously bookmarked the old locations, be sure to update your bookmark with the current new locations. See section #15 of your admin panel (Backups) for more detail.

Bugfixes 🐞

-We fixed a bug in or software that would occasionally enter the wrong covering teacher at the top of extra notices. We think we have got it licked now.

-We discovered that the activation links for teachers wanting to add a passcode were not working correctly. This has been fixed.

-We fixed the total period counts on Teacher Timetables. This is part of the teacher timetable function in MyExtras.

Previously, if a teacher had more than one homeroom group combined in the same period, it would treat the homeroom as two periods, rather than one. This has now been fixed.

We appologise for any inconvenience these may have caused.