Semester 2 Changeover

School Admins: Just a reminder that MyExtras has the ability to run two timetables at once. If your semester 2 timetable is ready you can import it under the semester 2 dropdown.

Any teacher wishing to generate extras for next semester (while still in Semester 1) can easily do so.

Generating a large number of extras – some tips

MyExtras Tips

When generating a large number of extras at the one time, select the “open in a new window/tab” option on MyExtras. This allows you to open multiple days on your computer screen and then you can simply select the correct day and copy and paste the instructions.

Screenshot from MyExtras Step 1

If you save the go back to edit your extras, you will find “Edit recent extras” links across on the top menu which make it easy to go directly to the required day without having to return to Step One.

Screenshot from MyExtras Step 2

Foreseen teacher absence

We encourage teachers that best practice with foreseen absence is to generate their extras at least by the evening prior to their absence. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • it alerts the Daily Org when they import their bulletin if they have missed covering a teacher
  • it allows the Daily Org to print off extras before school starts as required e.g. say for CRT’s
  • it ensures that the PDF’s generated become part of the nightly daily backup that occurs at 12.30am. This backup is emailed out to MyExtras Administrators and is useful if the school loses its internet connection or the MyExtras website becomes unavailable.
  • it is just best practise to be organised and avoid doing things at the last minute when you can easily make mistakes.

Zoom In

We added a “Zoom In” button for teachers taking extras so that they can zoom in and display just the class instructions/homework on a whiteboard for students (rather than display the whole extra notice).

The zoom feature also allows for different background colour themes to help teachers improve the visibility of the instructions while being projected on the class white board.

New Zoom feature

Microsoft Edge Browser

The new Microsoft Edge Dev Browser (currently in development) appears much more user friendly and sleek. It also heavily borrows from open sourced software.

One of our major bugbears here at MyExtras with Edge is the inability to print background colours. The extras bulletin is much easier to read with the alternating coloured rows. Edge (Dev) fixes that.

The release date to Windows 10 users has not been mentioned, but it is a step in the right direction. Interestingly, Microsoft’s new Edge browser is Chromium-based and uses the Blink rendering engine. Blink is a browser engine used in the Google Chrome browser and many other projects. It is developed with contributions from Google, Opera Software ASA, Adobe Systems, Intel, Samsung and others.

Replacement Classes

There comes a time when a Daily Organiser has to decide whether to run a very small class or not. An example is elective classes (say combined Year 9/10’s), where the year 9’s may be on a camp, leaving only 1 or 2 year 10’s in the elective.

If the day requires a lot of covers, and covering teaching staff are limited, you may have to join up the class with another smaller one.

Remember, it is not the Daily Organisers job to keep every teacher happy about arrangements. Your job is to help run a school and ensure that legal responsibilities of supervision of students is maintained. Sometimes teachers may not see the big picture going on the school. You can only be as fair as you can be and do the best with the available resources you have at hand. Explain the situation courteously with any disgruntled staff then move on. There are more important things that you have to worry about.


I saw the following quote on a parish bulletin recently which I think makes a lot of sense and rings true in my experience. It is also helpful to remember that not everyone wants to stand out to be a formal leader, but in your own quiet way you can be a leader by your actions.

Leadership is about being of service to others, it is not about prestige and acclamation. Many of the best leaders are those who do not have any title of leadership or authority. Their leadership and authority come from what they do and how they do it. They inspire others to follow their example. They don’t demand it; they don’t bully; they don’t play power games. People simply want to follow their example.