New Smileys

We have added a new row of smileys at step 1 … just to remind everyone that extras can be fun!

Jester Smiley

Week Number Calendar

We improved the appearance of the Week Number Calendar to make it clearer. It now includes VIC public school term dates and holidays periods to help make identifying week 1’s & 2’s in your school schedule easier.

Semester 1 cutoff date

You can now enter your own semester 1 cutoff date (admin panel section 6).

This is useful for schools who start their semester 2 timetable before going on break. The selected date should fall between the final day of Semester 1 and the start of Semester 2. (e.g. Saturday after the final day of Semester One).

Template Minimise

We have made a minor change about how the extras templates behave when not required. When you un-ckeck a template (top right hand corner) it now becomes minimised. This helps reduce the onscreen clutter and scrolling that unwanted extra notices can sometimes create.

Semester 2 Changeover

School Admins: Just a reminder that MyExtras has the ability to run two timetables at once. If your semester 2 timetable is ready you can import it under the semester 2 dropdown.

Any teacher wishing to generate extras for next semester (while still in Semester 1) can easily do so.

Generating a large number of extras – some tips

MyExtras Tips

When generating a large number of extras at the one time, select the “open in a new window/tab” option on MyExtras. This allows you to open multiple days on your computer screen and then you can simply select the correct day and copy and paste the instructions.

Screenshot from MyExtras Step 1

Foreseen teacher absence

We encourage teachers that best practice with foreseen absence is to generate their extras at least by the evening prior to their absence. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • it alerts the Daily Org when they import their bulletin if they have missed covering a teacher
  • it allows the Daily Org to print off extras before school starts as required e.g. say for CRT’s
  • it ensures that the PDF’s generated become part of the nightly daily backup that occurs at 12.30am. This backup is emailed out to MyExtras Administrators and is useful if the school loses its internet connection or the MyExtras website becomes unavailable.
  • it is just best practise to be organised and avoid doing things at the last minute when you can easily make mistakes.